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Voip2Air Overview

Voip2Air provides mobile PBX (MBX) and mobile voip services to businesses and consumers via any wireless IP or GSM network. The service can be delivered by GSM, EDGE, 3G 4G, WiFi, WiMax and satellite which means that it can be made available anywhere in the world if required. Voip2Air is a mobile voip division of Hostcomm Ltd which provides international business communications based on VoIP.

The main data centre is located at TeleCity in harbour exchange, docklands and technical support are based in our Leicester office. Using its vast experience in the IP communications and service provider sector Voip2Air is uniquely able to provide innovative and cost effective solutions. TeleCity is one of the main peering points for large service providers in the UK. The location of the data centre enables Voip2Air to deliver services regardless of its client’s location and to connect to other service providers cost effectively.

Voip2Air also operates a Disaster Recovery site out of FastHosts, Gloucester in their dual multi-million pound data centres. Fasthosts was chosen because of their leadership in the UK and their commitment to the best technology. The result of this is they are able to provide Voip2Air with a reliable and cost effective service and an increased level of control compared to other traditional data centre operators.

Voip2Air operates a ‘virtual’ business model using its own service for a communications infrastructure. This model eradicates excess operational cost associated with office leases, IT equipment and travelling expenses. It also allows employees to work from any location whilst maintaining a consistent level of customer service.

The benefits of Voip2Air mobile PBX service

Save Money
• Reduce operating costs by eliminating PBX charges, handset costs and ISDN line rental.
• Reduce costs associated with call termination by bypassing BT ISDN lines.
• Reduce cost associated with the yearly support and administration performed by your staff.

Enable better internal communications
• Work anywhere, your mobile phone replaces your desktop phone. You can make and takes calls as well hold, transfer and conference callers. 
• Empower supervisors and managers to manage coordinate resource more effectively and react quickly to changes.
• Promote a culture by facilitating staff inclusion regardless of office location.

Improve customer service
• Ensure that clients and prospects are made to feel special by managing them professionally with our contact centre applications.
• Provide your clients with a clear consistent brand and service.
• Enable your staff to give different levels of service. Your most valuable accounts should receive a better service with your existing resource.
• Give yourself visibility of all client interactions thus enabling you to react and make changes before problems lead to a lost customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really possible to replace an office PBX with this service?

Yes, most smart phones today are good enough to replace desktop phones. All of the PBX features are the same as an office PBX but instead of a large handset attached to an office network it uses a wireless mobile connection using GSM, WiFi or 3G. With auto routing and diverts, single number reach it is easy to run a business using a mobile PBX service.

How does network selection / handoff work?

The phone can be configured to favour GSM or Voip2Air. When either one isn't available the other will take over automatically. So if there is no GSM or 3/4G at your house but you have WiFi, the phone will use that for calls. The priority can be set for minimum cost.

What is the mobile voip call quality like?

Voip2Air has designed the mobile voip infrastructure specifically to maximise call quality. This includes using uncompressed voice, a low latency network, high quality Cisco network components and constant monitoring. You can always try it before you buy using our free trial to satisfy yourself. In our experience WiFi and GSM are best in terms of quality.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on a cost per person per month this includes all features and technical support. Call charges are billed separately. There are no other costs.

Which phones does it work with?

Voip2Air currently supports all Windows Mobile 6 onwards devices (e.g. HTC, ASUS, HP, Samsung) all Nokia E series and some N series phones, Android phones and iPhone. In most circumstances any SIP client on a mobile is supported.

How does provisioning work?

First the phone needs a SIP configuration which we email to your you. There are some instructions on our web site for all types of supported phone or our technical support team can talk you through this. Secondly the phone needs to register using a wireless network. When registered you are ready to make and take calls. The whole process takes 2-3 minutes per phone.

How am I billed for the service?

Billing is done every month the fee is billed in advance, the calls are paid using a prepaid credit. We can also provide a post pay billing arrangement based on credit status as well. All calls are accessible via the on line portal.

What levels of failover and resilience are there?

There is no single point of failure in terms of data centre, softswitch servers, internet pipe, PSTN trunks, network components. If there was a problem with your 3G or broadband circuit we can route to your mobile phone using the GSM network. We can even route calls to a SIP hand set or PC softphone if you mobile develops a fault.



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