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Mobile PBX

for Android Phones

- Make Free Calls

- No need for Office PBX

- Work anywhere

Voip2Air Mobile PBX Overview

Voip2air mobile PBX service gives you a single smart phone solution for your business and personal life instead of 3-4 separate ones. Your mobile phone works as normal and with a small config file it allows you to register with our hosted PBX platform over WiFi or 3G. You will have all of the features of an expensive office PBX and contact centre delivered to your mobile phone for a small monthly fee.

Register your details with us.

We email you instructions

Connect to your 3G or WiFi

Make your first call!

Android SIP Voip Service

For business and consumer users that require low cost calls, call routing features, messaging and conferencing. This is a good low cost alternative to an office PBX or hosted service. SIP connectivity to the Voip2air network for your phone is achieved using a free SIP client via 3G, EDGE or WiFi.

Basic Plan features

Transfer calls
Music on hold
Unified messaging (Voicemail & Fax to email)
Low cost outbound calling (10s minimum)
Geographic DDI (e.g. 0203)
Find me follow me (one number reach)
Comprehensive call reporting
Auto forward inbound to GSM number if not registered
Online billing
Caller ID management
Hunt group with other Voip2Air extensions
Prepaid account with 24X7 topup (Card, Paypal)
Conference calling
Call screening
Inbound call rules
Unified messaging (Voicemail & Fax to email)
Online account portal for administration

Business & Advanced Plan features

Auto attendant (IVR)
Call recording - on demand / always on
Fax inbound & outbound via email
Advanced Call reporting

More information here>>>

Includes low cost call chargesand basic PBX Features. Rolling monthly contract.

Includes low cost call chargesand the above Features. Rolling monthly contract.

Includes call charges with FREE UK land line calls and the above Features.
Rolling monthly contract.


Business features and
low cost calls

Set up requirements

- A Smartphone running Android.
- A data connection to your phone.
- The SIP client which is downloadable when you register.
- Broadband internet (for portal access and WiFi)

Benefits of Mobile PBX

Complete mobility - the freedom to work anywhere whithout comprimising your customer service.

A single smart phone - one phone to replace 3 phones and the cost associated with them.

A professional corporate image - with our branding and contact centre technology.


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